About Us

As directors of a charitable trust, our Board of Trustees ensure that they comply with charity and company law. The Board is also accountable in Law and to Ofsted for the Trust’s performance.

The Board has two core functions: to set the strategic direction of the organisation and to ensure financial probity. The Board is supported by two sub-committees Audit & Risk and Remuneration.

As a multi academy trust, the Board is responsible for all academies in the Trust. We exercise this responsibility by delegating functions to the local governing body of each academy through schemes of delegation

Board of Directors

Bren Taylor - Chair

Bren leads Link2ICT’s Professional Services providing support for more than 1400 schools nationally, mainly in Birmingham, Staffordshire and West Sussex.

Bren is currently the chair of West Midlands Regional Broadband Consortium (WMnet),  a board member of the National Education Network (NEN) and a director of the Birmingham eLearning Foundation (BeLF). He is also a program committee member for the annual International mLearn conference.

A teacher by trade, Bren taught in Sandwell and Birmingham.  During his time at Birmingham LA and with Link2ICT, he also led the Birmingham CLC Service and was a senior advisor to the Birmingham BSF programme. For the last six years he has  been a facilitator for the National College for Teaching and Learning’s (NCTL) leadership programmes, working for two different licensees, and during which time he was certificated in the first ever  cohort of NCTL’s Advanced Facilitator programme.

As a volunteer, Bren has worked in soup kitchens, been a school governor and has contributed as one of a couple of UK representatives to the UNESCO OER programme.  His spare time now is often taken up with keeping his classic sports car on the road and taking part in events and rallies across the UK and Europe. Bren is married with two grown up children and his wife is also a teacher in a special education setting.

Catherine Canty

Kate is a qualified solicitor who practised property law for over 20 years.  More recently she has been a business and property consultant advising on property portfolios and real estate.  She is now the Clerk to the Lord Lieutenant of the West Midlands.

Previous roles include Chairman of the Birmingham Employment and Skills Board, Director and Council member of Birmingham Chamber of Commerce.

Helen Redican

Helen has worked both within schools and as a school improvement advisor for many year supporting schools that need rapid improvement.  She has considerable expertise in the evaluation of educational standards across a range of settings, leadership and governance of schools of all phases and types, early years provision and partnership working with local authorities and officers of the DFE.

Jane Edgerton CEO/EHT

Jane has over twenty years’ experience in education and fourteen years in headship and executive headship before becoming the Chief Executive of Forward Education Trust. Jane is an accredited National Leader of Education and a serving Ofsted inspector. She holds the Professional Qualification for School Inspectors. Jane also acts as a school improvement advisor procured to do work on behalf of schools, trusts and local authorities. This includes appointments of head teachers, carrying out pupil premium and governance reviews and work to address the underperformance of schools, governing bodies and leadership teams.

Directors Minutes

    Register of Business and Pecuniary Interest

    Please see below our Register of Pecuniary and Business Interests for all our members of the Forward Education Trust (FET).

    Roland Vernon ACMA CGMA April 2017
    4 years
    May 2018 None
    Brensley Taylor BEd (Hons) April 2017
    4 years
    Employee Capita (Link2ICT); Director Birmingham E-learning Foundation; Chair WMNET RBC; Board Member National Education Network
    Catherine Canty LLB April 2017
    4 years
    Clerk to the Office Lord Lieutenancy West Midlands; Governor Elms Farm Primary School
    Helen Redican NNEB BEd (Hons) MEd April 2017
    4 years
    Pank Patel BEd (Hons) NPQH NLE March 2018
    4 years
    22nd Nov 2018 Director Diamond Advisory Ltd
    Surinder Kaur Dhillon BA (Hons) PGLA May 2018
    4 years
    Senior Associate Stone King Solicitors; Director Westminster Academy Trust; Director St George’s School Edgbaston (resigned 17th March 2018)
    Jane Edgerton, CEO BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE NPQH MRSC NLE PQSI April 2017 OFSTED inspector; Trustee Northern House Academy Trust


    Attendance Record 2017 - 2018

    Please see below our attendance record for the period between 2017- 2018

    Roland Vernon ACMA CGMA (Resigned May 2018) 9 9 2 2
    Brensley Taylor BEd (Hons) 9 8 - -
    Catherine Canty LLB 9 7 - -
    Helen Redican NNEB BEd (Hons) MEd 9 6 - -
    Pank Patel BEd (Hons) NPQH NLE (Resigned 22nd Nov 2018) 2 1 - -
    Surinder Kaur Dhillon BA (Hons) PGLA (Appointed 10th May 2018) 1 1 1 0
    Jane Edgerton BSc (Hons) MSc PGCE NPQH MRSC NLE PQSI 9 9 2 2
    June Mole (Resigned 26th February 2018) 5 4 - -
    Francis Murphy (Resigned 22nd February 2018) 6 1 - -
    Kerrie Jones BA (Hons) (Appointed 4th December 2017 Resigned 15th April 2018) 4 2 - -